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If you are being summonsed to or taking a case to county court, we can provide you with all the information that you need.

Royal Court of Justice LondonThere are numerous county courts or ‘small claims courts’ covering England and Wales, dealing with civil matters such as financial or housing disputes, family issues, personal injury and breach of contract.

The appropriate forms to start or respond to a claim can be found in our Court Forms section.

The majority of county court cases are regarding business and personal finances, and it is not uncommon for proceedings to take place through alternative means such as telephone conferences and online platforms when suitable arrangements have been made through the court.

The court charges a fee for issuing a claim, with the amount depending on the size of the claim itself. The defendant will receive a copy of the claim, presenting them with the opportunity to dispute the allegation.

In the event of a resolution not being resolved internally, parties will be required to address the court and formally present their case before a judge within a private trial.

After the hearing, an order (also known as a judgment) will be sent out, detailing the final decision from the judge. This is usually also recorded on the Register of County Court Judgments. The registered information is set out for banks, building societies and credit companies to attain individual credit ratings.

In the event of a failed payment of a defendants charge, the court is entitled to attempt to obtain payment of the behalf of the opposing party through an enforced judgment.

All of this information and legal advice regarding County Courts cases, solicitors, forms and procedure can seem a little removed from reality if not placed in some sort of context. Every day, thousands of people seek legal advice, make claims, win compensation, make money claims online and settle out of court.