Employment Law Disputes

Employment issues can range from unfair dismissal or unequal pay to issues such as harassment or discrimination which are occurring within your workplace. Depending on the particular issue at stake, it may be more appropriate to take your case to an employment tribunal, or you may have to go to court.

Legal professionals will advise you on the best route to take when it comes to presenting your case, and will guide you to the best way to settle your grievance. Employment issues can be particularly tough as they deal with your livelihood and career, so it is important that you conduct your case properly.

When dealing with employment law issues, legal considerations matter above all else – the nature of the case at hand is whether or not an employer treated the employee in question in a fair and legally sound fashion. This even applies in situations such as dismissals – even when an employer wishes to end a worker’s employment, they must follow certain rules and regulations in doing so and be able to demonstrate that the dismissal did not come down to things over which the employee had no control, or over which it would be inappropriate to terminate their employment.

Many employment cases hinge on the assumed rights that employees have – even people who do not have a written contract have employment rights. Even if your employment is of the more casual variety, that does not mean that you will not be entitled to recompense from your employer if they have mistreated you.

Essentially, if you feel that you have been treated badly at work, taking the dispute before an employment tribunal may be the right thing to do. If in doubt, you should seek legal help.

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