Tenant and Landlord Disputes

The relationship between and landlord and his or her tenant(s) can often be an awkward one where the two parties do not always see eye to eye.

There is a large body of legislation which dictates what rights both the landlord and tenant(s) have, as well as their duties and responsibilities towards each other. Any violation of these laws could bring legal trouble for the perpetrator.

Many incidents may occur where both parties feel they are on the right side of the law, which can often be complex and neither will yield. A landlord may have imposed a penalty which is viewed as unreasonable by the tenant, for example. Or a landlord may be having trouble getting a stubborn tenant to leave their property when their agreement has expired.

Other common disputes between a tenant and a landlord are caused by disagreements over deposits and necessary repairs, and there are conceivably endless numbers of issues that could cause a once harmonious relationship to fracture.

When disputes arise between the person renting a property and its owner, they can be settled in the county courts if no resolution can be arrived at by other means. In the case of a landlord attempting to remove a tenant from his or her property, for example, the court will be able to issue a possession order if it decrees that the landlord is in the right.